About Us

When we started in 2018, we were just like the clients we serve today. A small business in Omaha, NE, trying to help other local and national businesses find their place online. By implementing a strategy, our clients started to see growth online, and it inspired us to continue learning how we can further our client's development! 

Within a few months, we expanded our knowledge and entered the world of SEO, web design, and pay-per-click (PPC). Once we started applying our new knowledge to our strategic marketing plan for each client, we saw a massive increase in ROI (return on investment). We are true believers in continuing education. You can't be buzzworthy without it! Each WorkerBee, HoneyBee and even our QueenBee are required to be a Google Certified Partner. When you partner with CreativBee, a Google Partner, you will get the best of the best.

The QueenBee, Bobbie Salow, is the mastermind of creating and sustaining successful marketing strategies. She focuses on continuous market research to understand what is and is not working within the marketing plan and adjusts as needed to fit client's needs. Her primary goal is to design a marketing strategy that allows business owners to focus on their business needs while we make them buzzworthy.